Behavioral Therapy refers to strategies that use conditioning, learning, and psychology to help reduce or eliminate unwanted behavior. It’s foundation lies in the belief that every existing behavior we engage in is reinforced in some way, or else, we simply wouldn’t do it. Strange, when we think of tantrums that usually produce such frustration, disappointment, anger, or even disgust from a parent.

And for every frustrated parent there is almost always a child that is as equally frustrated, and potentially beginning to incorporate all their feelings of ineffectiveness into their developing sense of self. It is my job to figure out the intricacies of how these cause and effect dynamics are operating within a family, systematically restructure them, and ultimately help shape different behaviors.

When I do behavioral work with a parent it is typically a fine balance of giving them tools to decrease power struggles and strategies to be able to consistently execute meaningful and effective consequences. While helping to create a parenting framework that feels good and makes sense, I am building their child up with modern and practical coping skills to be able to bounce back. Building a cushion for resiliency that allows children to take personal responsibility for their choices and for families to shrug off the little deals and know when and how to focus on the meaningful ones. One that enables both parents and children to enjoy each other more, instead of feeling unheard and misunderstood and embattled.